Get Your Car Cleaned with a Single Click

A clean car is an icon of cleanliness for those who belong to it. However, due to your hectic schedule, you may overlook the cleaning and maintenance of your car. Hereafter, no worries, GoKleen offer the best Doorstep Car Washing Service in Kochi. We provide you with 24/7 service, and you need not reach us; rather, we would come to you.

We properly clean the stains and filth that accumulate on the interiors and exteriors of a vehicle. This would unquestionably improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. In addition, compared to a regular wash at home, we provide a professional cleaning solution.

To enhance our customers’ lives easier and more comfortable, we’ve launched a new mobile app “GoKleen – Doorstep Car Wash” that allows them to book our car wash services with just one click!

Let’s have a look how you can book our services through GoKleen App.

  1. Download & Register

First you have to download our app from Google Play Store:

After installing the GoKleen app, you are supposed to enter the details such as your city, full name, mail ID and password. After uploading these details, you may successfully get into the GoKleen app.

2. Select the Booking Type

There are two types of subscription plans available—they are a monthly subscription and a single booking. A monthly subscription plan helps with the subscription on a monthly basis, whereas a single booking is just a one-time wash. You may opt any one of them and proceed.

3. Choose Your Car & Select the Plan

You have to choose your car from the provided list and then you must choose the type of plan in this session if you have opted for monthly subscription. Four types of plans are available in our monthly subscription. This may vary in the number of washes you prefer per month. It offers 2 to 12 washes per month, and the cost may also vary accordingly. After selecting the plan, you may proceed to the next step.

4. Choose Add-Ons (optional)

If you wanted an interior vacuuming service, you may opt for add-ons. It is optional; therefore, you choose it only if you are in need.

5. Select the Schedule

This option allows you to choose a schedule. Continue with the next session after selecting the start date, and time.

6. Complete Your Transaction

After you’ve made a payment using one of the options mentioned, you can complete your booking. GoKleen also provides a GoKleen Wallet to let you make simple and stress-free payments. You can invest money in our wallet and conveniently use it with a simple tap of your phone.

Now you can relax! We also offer a booking tracking and management feature to assist you keep track of your bookings. You can edit your profile and location at any moment, as well as review car details, booking history, subscription details, and bookings.

There’s also an opportunity to earn money by referring people to the GoKleen app. You and your friend will each receive RS 50 in your GoKleen Wallet for each friend who registers using your referral code.

Now is the time to download our app and experience the convenience of having a car wash at your fingertips. Please contact us at 090485 86000 if you require any assistance.