GoKleen Car Wash adds perfection in details.

Our premium services speak of the highest quality workmanship in the Ernakulam area. We offer a subscription based model that ensures eco-friendly detailing and washing services for your car.
The highlights of our services include:

Importance of Weekly Car Wash

Weekly car wash is recommended as there are contaminants in the air that can quickly erode and do serious damage to the paint if they are allowed to remain. Poor washing techniques have led to create marks and disfigure your vehicle’s finish.

That is why we employ a genius system that dislodges the dirt and debris out and away from your car’s paint. Our technicians come equipped with a mobile car wash unit that is gentle on the paint, yet effective enough to loosen sand or dirt that usually rubs against the vehicle.

Our high quality mitts and microfiber towels used to dry your car ensures that you find your car in a condition as you bought when it was new.  

We’re an ecological conscious company and take great care to not waste water and to dispose off the waste in a recyclable way. We keep up with trends, and our soon to be launched mobile app will give customers an extra edge, and efficiency in using our services.

If you are looking for professionals that offer the highest quality workmanship, on a competitive price, look no further, and contact us !