With exceptional top-line quality and care, our technicians are trained in all aspects of car hygiene, equipment handling and customer service care. We take pride in ownership and to the highest standards of quality service.

  • Provide top-of-the-line equipment to maintain your car
  • Excellent trained and well-behaved staff
  • On-time delivery of service
  • Flexibility and on-demand service
  • Robust feedback system
  • Quality management

At GoKleen, we offer the flexibility and convenience for people in all segments and backgrounds to avail our services. We can cater to a one-time requirement or a monthly demand of services

  • Individual private car owners
  • Car Dealership Shops
  • Transport Companies
  • households
  • Taxi and car rental company
  • Business People
  • Government

With busy lives, there is a compelling need to have a robust and reliable service partner behind you. We take care of all your car’s washing needs, irrespective of the fact that you’re in office or at home!

Our suite of service features includes:
  1. A highly mechanized car washing system that saves time and water
  2. Flexibility on when you want your car wash to be scheduled
  3. Quality workmanship and assurance of good service
  4. Any location. Your Convenience.

We’re frontrunners in the car washing industry, and this innovative idea is serviced no better than us. Due to increasing time constraints among business professionals they can rely on us to fulfil their car washing and maintenance needs.

” Customer service is our forte “