Best Car Washing Services at Your Doorstep

Getting your car into the service station is time-consuming and could be tiresome. Why take the hassles of managing time? Instead, spend that precious time with family and friends or improve your workplace efficiency. Doorstep car washing method will help you out. There are many car washing services in and around Kochi. GoKleen stands out from all of these because we are doing the best doorstep car wash services in Kochi.

We understand that you have a busy schedule, which is why we offer mobile car wash services. You have the option of scheduling your car wash whenever you want.
Our professionally trained staff will take care of all your car’s washing needs, irrespective of the fact that you’re in the office or at home! You can save your precious time and engage with other activities.
By the use of professional cleaning techniques and tools we are covering every small and detailing aspect and maintain the appearance of your car. We are using a minimal level of natural resources like water for our doorstep car wash services; there is no water wastage, like during a normal car wash. This represents our ecological consciousness.

GoKleen provides these services at a reasonable price when compared to other car wash services. We offer a subscription-based model that ensures eco-friendly detailing and wash services for your car. Our monthly plan contains a minimum of 4 washes to a maximum of 12 washes. The price may vary for the number of washes per month you select.

Check out our affordable monthly packages and book your slot today.
Call us @ 090485 86000 for booking.
Get Your Car Cleaned Anywhere, Any Time…!

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