How to Prepare Your Car for a Flood: Before, During, and After

After suffering the sweltering heat of summer, everyone greatly benefits from the rainy season. One of the main contributing factors to accidents is the difficulty of motorists to react to changes in the road conditions brought on by wetness. Take the necessary steps before, during, and after the rain to avoid letting the monsoon affect your drive.

The first step is to clean your car, so make sure it receives a thorough wash. At Gokleen, we offer the Best Car Cleaning Services in Kochi. Throughout your car journey, this is a crucial part.

Preparations for Your Car –

Before the Flood

Regular maintenance for your car should include things like body coating, braking system inspections, tyre rotations, battery testing, and so on.  Additionally, a vehicle’s inability to stop quickly is what contributes to the majority of traffic accidents during the monsoon season. This is because the tread on the tyres is either extremely dull or completely worn off. Oil and other fluids that combine with rain and reduce a vehicle’s traction are diffused by the treads of the tyres. The wiring within the car is another important factor to take into account. Since electricity and water should never be mixed, you should always cover, insulate, or otherwise safeguard your wiring.

During the Flood

When driving during the monsoon, there are a few key considerations that you should be aware of. To assist keep things clear and keep you safe, check sure the windshield wipers and front glass are clean. Make sure the air conditioner is in functioning order; this will stop the windows from fogging up as well. Driving in the rain requires you to reduce your vehicle’s speed.

After the Flood

Every part of a car, including the engine and transmission, is vulnerable to water damage if it floods due to rain. If you attempt to start the engine with too much water inside, the issue will only worsen. To stop rust from forming, be sure to properly dry or repaint any metal surfaces, especially those that are exposed. It may be necessary to replace the door panels, rugs, and floor mats because they all absorb water and could encourage the formation of mildew and mould. However, you’ll probably need to clean your car afterwards. If none of the components are damaged, deodorize the car with baking soda before reinstalling everything.

When it comes to cleaning a flooded car, getting the water out is the most important step. So your car needs a specialist to keep your car looking fresh, especially during the monsoon season. For that, Gokleen offers Door Step Car Washing Service in Kochi. In case you are bothered about the process of cleaning your car, let us take care of it for you. Connect with us on 090485 86000 or using our mobile app. Visit the Google Play Store to get our app: