Keep Your Car Tires Clean and Protected: Things Need to Know

Tires that we purchase might be strong and shiny for the first few days of its use. But it might not stay for a long period, if it is not been properly maintained. Tires are going through the various chemicals such as gasoline, salts, radium, strontium, calcium and sodium. Beyond these chemical your car would also leaves brake dust. Brake dust contains adhesives and carbon fibers which can deteriorate your tires. Also Sun and water plays a crucial role in destroying the tires. Therefore many reasons break down the strength of your tires.

Tires are important for your vehicle for sure. A good looking tire is well cleaned and properly managed. Here we discuss some methods for the proper management of your tires.

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While you clean your tires never expose it to sunlight rather keep them in a cooler area. If the heat is worst wait for cooler temperature or give a water bath before you start cleaning. This is because the chemicals you use for washing would get evaporated easily. Dry chemical would have a chance to cause severe damages to your tires.

The next stage is to use the best cleaner and a medium-to-firm scrub brush to cut through the road grime and brake dust. Different wheels suits different cleaners and if you are not aware of your wheel type then all purpose cleaners can be used which is meant for every varieties.

Once the wheel is ready after thorough wash please remind to cover it with a protectant. These are being used to protect our tires from the harmful UV rays, chemicals brake dust etc.  Each protectants varies in their usage. Once you complete this process your tires would shine healthy. New look would last long if it’s properly managed in the upcoming days.

Maintaining the health of your tires is critical for extending their lives and keeping everything running smoothly on the road.