Prepare Your Car for the Post Lockdown Ride

You might be looking forward to getting behind the steering wheel again after the long lockdown! We know the Corona virus outbreak has taken away many of our valuable days, and while we must accept that life will not be the same once the lockdown is ended, but our driving experience must not suffer as a result. Once your car has been idle for a long period, it might required more attention than usual. However, before you start your travel, you should do a few easy checks to guarantee you don’t get into any problems.

  • Check Your Battery

Due to the lack of use and the cold climate, a car battery can die. To avoid a dead battery, drive your vehicle for at least 30 minutes to allow it to charge properly, or invest in a trickle charger if that isn’t possible. If your car doesn’t start, consider using a car battery charger, which, once plugged into the socket, should allow your battery to restart if there is still some charge remaining in it. If everything else fails and your battery is entirely dead, you can start your car with jump leads and a donor car.

  • Top Up Fluid Levels

Engine oil and coolant levels are crucial for the vehicle’s efficient operation; be sure they’re adequate before you leave. Fill them up and let your engine run for a few minutes before leaving.  This allows the fluid to circulate smoothly and ensures that the car is lubricated appropriately.

  • Check Tire Pressures

Start by looking for any cuts, splits, or nicks in your tires, which should be in good shape and undamaged. Examine your tires closely for any glass, nails, or screws that may have become attached and could lead to a puncture. Also, don’t forget to inspect your spare tire. You should also check your tire pressure with a manometer or at a local gas station with a tire inflator. 

Double-check the brakes, indicators, wipers, lights, and other electronic components for efficient functioning. If anything isn’t working, repair or replace it.

  • Disinfect Your Car

During the pandemic situation, it’s critical to keep your vehicle clean and disinfect focusing on the places that generate the most contact on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Frequently touched sections of the car should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the risk of illness.

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