Safety Standards and Checklist for Car Washing Services

The COVID-19 crisis, which is reshaping the planet, affects everyone’s lives. It also raises awareness about all the different ways we can make our lives’ touch points better and more hygienic. To comply with social distancing laws, many car washing services closed their waiting rooms and restricted their services, and limited customer interaction with workers. Because of the outbreak, drivers are being advised to clean regularly touched areas such as door handles, key fobs, and steering wheels to prevent the virus from spreading. Some businesses have responded by developing innovative technologies to ensure that cars can be disinfected quickly.            

Changes are being made to protect people from the corona virus as companies reopen. Ascertain that the company adheres to the reopening protection guidelines and has completed the checklist.

Hygiene Protocols

Ensure you have on-site hand washing facilities including soap and water and hand sanitizers, and allow enough time to wash your hands frequently.  All high-touch areas, such as desks, door handles, and toilets, should be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Ensure that employees have enough cleaning supplies at their workplace. To prevent transmission on shared tools or other products, use disposable gloves were secure and necessary.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Clean and disinfect the site and high-touch surfaces regularly. Keep a cleaning log with the date, period, and extent of the cleaning. Disinfect self-service tools after each customer visit. Shut down the site in the event of a positive case so that the workplace can be disinfected in compliance with existing guidelines. Disinfectants should be readily available to employees and customers in the facility, and cleaning supplies should be replenished regularly.

Staff & Customer Management

Staff should be trained on car wash safety principles, as well as current safety guidelines and precautions, such as hygiene and other steps intended to prevent the spread of disease. Provide employees with personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, face shields, and face masks as needed for the operation.
To enable contact tracing, keep a list of employees and customers. When employees are sick, they must stay at home. When an employer is informed of a positive case at work, the employer is required to inform the local health board. Other employees’ testing could be recommended by the guidelines.

Customers should be required to make appointments for in-person services. Maintain a minimum six-foot gap between employees and customers at all times. Customers should queue for their cars at automatic car wash facilities. During the exterior car wash operation, customers should remain in their vehicles. If at all necessary, avoid touching payment terminals by using automatic payment solutions. Otherwise, keep Payment terminals clean regularly. Where strict physical separation is not possible for a particular job, other preventive measures are necessary, such as the use of partitions, limiting the number of employees and customers, scheduling breaks, and starting work shifts at different times.

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