Why Doorstep Car Washing is Convenient During the Pandemic

Doorstep Car cleaning and washing service isn’t exactly a fresh concept. But, it has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused many to stay indoors. Numerous automakers have used this to provide consumers with a handy way to wash their cars from the comfort of their own homes.

GoKleen has already provided a Doorstep Car Washing Service in Kochi as well as a Mobile Car Detailing Service.

However, we have implemented all required safety precautions during this pandemic which bring a safe and secure environment to our customers. We have a well-trained crew that maintains a high level of personal hygiene and contributes to the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Before and after each service delivery, we observe strict personal hygiene practices.

You can escape from the queues and extremely unsafe atmosphere at the car wash facility by opting for doorstep car washing services. Furthermore, most of the centers are no longer fully operational or have limited their services to specific locations and timings. Also, we recognize how hectic your schedule is, which is why we provide mobile vehicle wash services. You have the option of arranging your car wash whenever it is convenient for you.

Especially in this situation, our car is not only needed just a wash, but a risk-free atmosphere is also required. If we decided to undertake a regular car wash at home, we couldn’t guarantee that it would be infection-free. A well-trained staff, on the other hand, can clean our car in a professional and infection-free manner, which is exactly what we need in this scenario. They use different tools and disinfecting products that we may not have, which will undoubtedly result in a better service.

Choose the best doorstep car washing service for a risk-free atmosphere for you and your car. Get a professional car wash delivered to your house with a membership. Call us @ 090485 86000 for booking.

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