GoKleen Car Wash App: The Easiest & Convenient Way to Book Your Car Washes

Nowadays, smart phones have transformed our lives and enabled us to deliver doorstep service, people can also rely on mobile applications for daily activities, as with a few clicks on the screen, you can have a desired service at your doorstep in a matter of seconds. 

As the leading Doorstep Car Washing Service in Kochi, GoKleen has introduced a new mobile app called “GoKleen – Doorstep Car Wash” that allows consumers to book our car wash services with just one click!

Easy Scheduling

The user can schedule the car wash at a time and date that is convenient for them. Knowing and using the app for scheduling is tremendously handy and no more waiting.


Offer car wash package options and make the decision process simple and it allows you to offer your services and packages to customers directly on the app. We provide a monthly subscription service. Our monthly subscription offers four different plans. The amount of washes you desire every month may vary. It provides 2 to 12 washes every month, with prices varying appropriately.

Online Payment

Users can pay for a car wash in whichever way is most convenient for you. All payment modes, including net-banking, cards, wallets, and others, making payments simple. GoKleen also offers a GoKleen Wallet, which allows you to make quick and easy payments. You can put money into our wallet and access it with only a tap of your phone.

Real-Time Tracking

To help you keep track of your bookings, we also provide a booking tracking and administration option.

Best Offers & Deals

Using the app to provide the finest deals and discounts, which are available on deals or according to the service.

Able to Give Feedbacks & Suggestions

Customers can  rate, review, and provide feedback on the services they receive from you. It also gives a new consumer who wants to use your services a clear picture and a feeling of trust.

A car wash application simplifies the process of cleaning your car. Please call us at 090485 86000 for more information, or use our GoKleen App.

Visit the Google Play Store to get our app: bit.ly/3ChTRWL