Monsoon Car Care Guide: How to Take Care of Your Car in This Rainy Season

The rainy season makes it difficult for car owners to maintain their vehicles. Furthermore, driving in such weather poses new risks to drivers in aspects of the appearance and safety of their vehicles.

In this monsoon season GoKleen provides the right care for your car, we offer the professional Doorstep Car Cleaning in Kochi, Kerala. Our unique system dislodges dirt and debris from your car’s paint and makes it easy to clean. Mobile car washes provided by our technicians are gentle on the paint while effective enough to remove sand or dirt that normally rubs against the vehicle.

Beware of thinking that rain is a great way to wash your car. As soon as the rain stops, thoroughly wash your vehicle and dry it with a towel if it has been in prolonged contact with rainwater. Rainwater also contains a variety of dirt and trace elements. Water spots and stains left behind after water evaporates are extremely difficult to remove. Make sure to wash the car’s underside as well. Rain can lead to the accumulation of mud, road grime, and dirt in this area. If you don’t want to risk corrosion, make sure to clean and grease the underside afterward.

A car’s braking system must be well maintained, especially on wet roads where braking distances are typically longer. The brake system should be checked by a professional periodically so you know when to replace or repair its components.

Check that all external wires are properly insulated. Also, make sure that all of the fuses are in good working order and keep some spares on hand.

Water occasionally leaks into the cabin, causing damage to the rugs and flooring. Fabric mats should be used instead of rubber mats. Clean the car with a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to ensure that no bad smell remain, and if your seats get wet, open the windows to avoid fungus growth.

Consider having your car washed and waxed before the rainy season begins. Car wax protects the car’s surface from rainwater, which can cause rust and water spots. It is best to wax the car regularly to prevent water spots and rust. Moreover, it will prevent the exterior paint from losing its sheen as the paint ages.

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