Rainy Day Driving Safety Tips

Driving can be challenging during the rainy season, thus some people decide not to drive. Monsoons are not a cause for concern; there are various ways to drive safely when it is raining. If you don’t feel safe driving in the rain and are likely to postpone your journey, wait till the weather clears up. You shouldn’t be put in danger unnecessarily, it makes no sense.

Additionally, during the rainy season, cars get quite unclean and get damaged by water and soil. You can be sure that you won’t be able to enjoy your car for a very long time if you don’t pay attention to its cleanliness and hygiene. Fortunately, you give your car a great deal of thought and choose the best car washing service rather than washing at home.  Gokleen, offers Doorstep Car Cleaning in Ernakulam, We will provide your car with thorough care and washing service no matter where you are, whether you require service in a home neighborhood or a corporate location.

During monsoon season, here are a few driving tips you should know:-

  • If you’re travelling and it starts to rain, wait until the visibility clears up. However, stay away from stopping close to a pole or tree as they are prone to lightning.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle and all equipment before setting out on a rainy trip. Make sure all the equipment in your car is working properly, such as the brakes, clutch, gearbox, etc.
  • In the rain, you must travel as slowly as you can. This helps prevent skidding, hydroplaning, etc. When it starts to rain, which brings the oils on the road to the surface, that is when things get the most dangerous.
  • When it’s raining, turning on your headlights will help with visibility. It is required by law in many states and localities to switch on lights when it rains.
  • Since stopping is more challenging on wet roads, it is crucial to keep safe distances from other vehicles when it is raining. Additionally, your windscreen may fog up, so you should turn on your air conditioner, adjust the temperature, and choose the defogger setting. Large vehicles should be observed carefully, and extra space should be maintained to keep clear of collisions.
  • The windows won’t fog up if the AC is turned on and kept at the same temperature as the outside air. Additionally, the AC circulates fresh air throughout the cabin so you won’t have to breathe dusty, previously circulated air.

By intentionally using these safety measures while driving in wet weather, you can easily raise your level of safety.

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