Things to Consider While Washing a New Car for the First Time

Since you own a new car, you might be confused about dealing with the unfamiliar member. To ensure that, what you are doing is perfect, pay attention to the requirements. Gokleen being the best Doorstep Car Wash service in Kochi offers car washing at your home. Even if your car is new or old our service would provide utmost care and dedication in making the car completely dirt-free. Here we have some tips to describe how we could efficiently manage to wash a very new car.

In general pressure washers have been used for the quick and effective removal of loose paint, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. But in the case of your very new car, you may avoid this tactic instead you may try for hand wash for your car which would result in complete perfection.

While washing your new car ensures that you keep it under a shade. Placing your car under the sun would increase the chance of drying your car cleaning products soon. Instead, a shade could reside you cool and relaxed while washing.

The best product for cleaning your car could be enquired from the already using people. As it may vary from vehicle to vehicle, some need a stronger cleaning agent. It seems better to consult the dealers for the best cleaning products and guidelines. Using a soft sponge can be more effective. However, when rubbing, avoid rubbing in a circular motion and instead massage in a parallel motion. Scratches and spirals may result with circular scrub.

Invest in a microfiber towel to ensure optimal water absorption. This automobile cleaning cloth is made of superior microfiber material, which functions as an excellent absorber and can clean more effectively than other fibre products such as cotton or chamois.

Car shampoos are a good choice to keep your car luxurious and clean without damaging the paint. As these are found to be ph neutral, it brings a more secure washing experience. Human shampoo is less expensive and harmful to automobiles. Some car washing chemicals are harmful to the body and the environment, so if you’re concerned about the environment, check for eco-friendly alternatives.

Wash the car from top to bottom. You do this because the lowest part of the car produces the greatest pollutants. To make sure you don’t miss any pieces, wash the car piece by piece in the longitudinal direction. Applying a lot of pressure to the paint isn’t necessary. As soon as you’ve finished cleaning one component, thoroughly rinse the washing glove in the bucket. Most of the dirt will be held in the dirt lock. Continue in this manner for each part of the car until you’ve completed it.

Waxing your new car is crucial, and the sooner you do it, the better. The primary reason for waxing your car is to protect the paintwork. It is feasible to do it on your own, and it is suggested that you do it 2-4 times per year. Polish should be applied before waxing since it aids in the restoration of damaged auto paint. Car polish accomplishes this by removing a very thin layer of paint from the surface, reducing the look of scratches when they settle into the coat.

Finally, you must arrange a parking spot for your car at your residence. If you can’t park your car in a garage or don’t have any garage, use an all-weather car cover. Before putting the car in storage, give it a good wash and wax. If you’re going to be storing the automobile for more than 30 days, make sure to fill it up and add a gas stabilizer. To avoid needing to jump-start the battery, use a battery tender.

Car washing is a difficult task, especially if the car is new. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to take care of it; GoKleen can help you relieve stress and get your car cleaner and shinier than ever. For the best car washing services, call us at 090485 86000 or use our mobile app to make a reservation.

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